Stepped-up Basis Trusts

Protect Your Step-Up In Basis Assets With A Seasoned Estate Lawyer

When assets grow in value over time, so does their potential tax value. Inheriting such assets should result in a step-up in basis, which keeps the heir from bearing responsibility for asset's appreciation. If you need assistance drafting a trust, or with assets you have inherited through the death of a loved one, an experienced estate lawyer will have the resources you need.

Our Savannah team at Oliver Maner LLP, has extensive experience providing legal assistance to clients throughout Georgia and beyond. We have a background giving substantial legal counsel in estate planning, probate administration, various trusts and other related matters.

Keep More Of What You Have Inherited

Legal advice and assistance with your tax needs can save you thousands and potentially protect you from future unnecessary IRS charges. Whether through a trust, or otherwise, if you inherited property that has appreciated over time, you are not responsible for paying the full tax amount of the properties current value-at the time of sale, for instance. Our lawyers know Georgia law and our century-old firm has provided legal administration assistance for decades. We can help you protect the future of your inherited assets.

We Can Take It From Here

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